Toni in The Morning ‘Money Monday’ with Tish Hardric and Associates.

Tune in every Monday morning at 7:45 am for The Toni in the Morning Money Monday’s with Tish Hardric and Associates. You’ll get some great money management tips. Tish also provides solutions and answers for business owners and those considering starting a business.

Tish Hardric, CEO

Tish Hardric is the CEO and Founder of Tish Hardric & Associates as well as the Vice President of a nationally known media company.  Her experience and relationships with affiliates nationwide have resulted in success and a myriad of professional awards and kudos from industry associations.  Her grant-writing and fundraising experience goes beyond attainment of three-digit fundraising.  Tish Hardric has reached fundraising goals well into the six-figure range with expedited success.  Visit her website at

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